Log Cretion 2 - Artwork Proposal 2008
for North Dakota

LOG CRETION 2 uses parts of massive log cretions, petrified castings of giant Meta-Sequoia trees from 60 million years ago.  The tree castings are up to 8 feet in diameter.  They are neatly fractured into sections, due to being under a great amount of overburden for a long time. 
Located by the Missouri River near Newtown, North Dakota, they have been under water for the more than 40 years, under Lake Sakakawea.  Buried for 60 million years, they were finally exposed within the last 10,000 years through erosion by the Missouri River. 
Presently, the parts of the exposed log cretion have settled, fallen somewhat randomly throughout its length.  This nuance of the “accidental” presents a natural relationship between the forms.  These parts are to be re-assembled in the same positions/relationships as found, but elevated (‘floated’) about 24 to 30 inches off the ground on thin square steel rods.  
The artwork explores and presents the geological history of the log cretion from its origin as wood, a tree, celebrating its various changes throughout time, under a variety of conditions.