Barum Stenning, 2007. Barnstaple Western Bypass, North Devon, England.

Del Geist and Patricia Leighton collaborated on this project, developing a series of integrated sculptural markers for an ambitious new road development in North Devon, England. The sculpture is reflective of the history of the area and incorporates 12 steel structures filled with "elevated" Devonian Slate slabs. The artwork's theme is taken from the Devonian period of geology, when the first forests appeared on earth. Two monumental Topiary Hedgewall forms, 6 meters high x 18.5 meters long, are sited in the extension areas on either side of the squareabout. The stone and steel structures are each 4 meters high x 8 meters long. Commissioning Agency: Devon County Council, UK.

Photo credit: Laurentiu Garofeanu.